CATARC released the C-NCAP Management Regulation (2021 Edition) officially
By CATARC Europe

After almost two years' efforts, the formal C-NCAP Management Regulation (2021 Edition) was just issued on 26th August, 2020, and it will take into implementation since 1st January, 2022. In order to make the latest C-NCAP regulation more widely recognized, China Automobile Technology and Research Center (CATARC) has officially released the English version in 14th December on the C-NCAP official website.

Nowadays, vehicle passive safety technology is increasingly refined, and active safety technology has entered a leap forward stage of development. Combined with the research on Chinese actual scenarios of road, on road traffic accidents in China, on fundamental data in Chinese automobile market etc., C-NCAP management protocol (2021 Edition) has revised several aspects in  assessment procedures and rating principle. The latest C-NCAP edition is characterised with more independent evaluation, more unified management, more advanced scene and more focused procedures. The major upgrades in the test and assessment of occupant safety, pedestrian protection and active safety are as follows: 

Passive Safety

  •  MPDB test is adopted to replace the ODB test

  •  Side pole crash test is added for new energy vehicles

  •  Seatbelt reminder device is changed from bonus to penalty

  •  E-call system is introduced as a bonus

Active Safety

  •  LKA test is added

  •  Vehicle-level headlamp performance test is added

Pedestrian Protection

  • aPLI is adopted to the test

  • Head test area is expanded

Through the largest revision in C-NCAP history, C-NCAP (2021 Edition) will become one of the most demanding NCAP regulation,  so as to promote the development of vehicle technologies in pursuit of a higher concept for safety continuously, which also means that further vehicles for the Chinese market must have an extremely high-level integration of passive and active safety.


Download links of the C-NCAP Management Regulation (2021 Edition):

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