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China Published New National Regulation for ICV Road Test

  • By CATARC Europe
  • 26/01/2021
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Since the implementation of the first national regulation for intelligent connected vehicles (“Intelligent Connected Vehicles Road Test Administrative Rule”) in April 2018, China has allowed more than 2,000 kilometers of test roads for intelligent connected vehicles (hereinafter referred to as ICV), issued more than 400 test licenses or permits for automatic driving, and the total road test range for ICV has exceeded 2 million kilometers.


In order to create a better test and demonstration environment, and promote the industrial application and development in ICV field at national level, three relevant ministries, several industry organizations and companies in China, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), jointly formulated "Administrative Rules for Intelligent Connected Vehicles Road Test and Demonstration Application (for Trial Implementation)". This new rule is now open to society for comments until February 11, 2021, after which MIIT will finalise the rules into implementation.

As the Secretariat of National Technical Committee for Auto Standardization (NTCAS) and the Sub-committee for ICV standard (SAC/TC 114/SC 34), CATARC has carried out several verification experiments and analyzed the applicability of laws and regulations for ICV, to contribute to the legislation on the road test and market access of ICVs in China. More than 30 key standards have been formulated by SACs for preliminary establishment of ICV standard system by 2020, which can support driver assistance and low-level autonomous driving. It is expected that a more comprehensive national standard system for ICV will be formed to support high-level automated driving, management and security of ICV by SACs and other relevant ministries in China. Such contributions present both opportunities and challenges for all industry players to better engage in Chinese increasingly competitive but promising ICV market.


Download links of the new draft rule for comments: 


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